Diddy Needs To Sit Down

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Come on Diddy you’re better than this!  Last Train To Paris is sounding kind of garbage.  Maybe he really is running out of Diddles.  This song is terrible.  How is Diddy paying all these people, and no one did their job and told him this wasn’t a good look.  Like his cronies really sat with him in the studio and told him this sounded good? Must have been drinking too much of that Ciroc.

Diddy-Dirty Money “I’m Coming Home”




  1. video is lame, but yea song isnt THAT bad. alot of worse stuff coming from dumb ass rappers like wacka flocka and drake

  2. Really?
    This is what happens when the boss wants to be the star?
    How rich would he be if he had just stuck to the business side of things?

  3. This is what I mean everyone seems to the the artists are the ones with all the money, but its the guys you dont see who are the ones getting the real doe. Duh!

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