Diddy To Purchase U.K. Soccer Team?

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diddyevertonIs Diddy trying to enter the world of English Club Football (Soccer, to those of us over here in the USA).  According to British tabloid The Sun, Diddy was in London this week to discuss two different clubs to purchase.  It seems he was choosing between Premier League side Portsmouth, who have been in financial trouble all year as the team have already been sold and defaulted twice this season, and Crystal Palace, a Coca Cola Championship side (the Championship is the second division in England, like Soccer’s version of Triple-A Baseball).

It seems The Diddler (brilliant nickname courtesy of my boy Sam) is leaning towards Crystal Palace because they lack controversy surrounding the team, and they have a dope ass name (I imagine the next Diddy album will be called “Welcome to the Crystal Palace”).  Diddy plans to infuse a ton of cash into the team to help propel them back to the Premier League (the top two Championship teams get promoted to the Premier League every year).  Props to Diddy for increasing his global profile, and for getting involved in one of the most lucrative business in the world for a  dude with too much cash and not enough time on Earth to spend it.  It is, in fact, all about the Benjamins, right?