Dilated Peoples celebrates release from Capitol with DVD

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Evidence, Rakaa, and DJ Babu have been putting down as Dilated People for a little more than 10 years with a good portion of it signed to major label Capitol Records. Back in the 90’s, the group signed a four album deal with the label and finished up their contract last year with the release of their album “20/20”.

      To celebrate freedom from Capitol and going back to being independent, Dilated Peoples is sharing their entire story in the new DVD, “The Release Party.” The documentary goes into details about how each of the group members fell in love with hip-hop, to them forming the group, and the up and downs of the industry. Directed by Jason Goldwatch, founder of Decon Records, the film features candid interviews, backstage footage and in-studio action.

      “Over the years, as we shot tour footage, videos, and backstage moments, my unique friendship with the group grew and allowed for candid moments and a level of honesty rarely seen in films, and especially rare in the rap game,” said Goldwatch.

      The DVD will hit stores on July 31 (view the trailer below )  that will also include a 7-song EP of previously unreleased material.

Here’s the tracklisting for the EP:

The Release Party – Dilated Peoples

Spit It Clearly feat. The Alchemist – Dilated Peoples

Mr. Slow Flow Remix feat. PMD – Dilated Peoples

Expansion Team Soundsystem – Rakaa & Babu

Olde English Remix feat. Defari – Dilated Peoples

Hot and Cold remix feat. Casual – Evidence

Eyes Have It – Dilated Peoples