Dipset Forever?

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Yesterday was the 10th Anniversary of Dipset’s Diplomatic Immunity, and I have to admit it had me feeling a little emotional, and nostalgic.  Cam’ron’s Harlem group started an era and sound that could never be done again.  Deeper than just wearing pink, it’s music that ranges from comedic skits and songs, to hardcore lyrics, with signature samples.  They had the world feeling like they were in Dipset, a legacy and movement that will live forever.

Cam’ron, Juelz Santana, Jim Jones, and Freekey Zekey, started one of  the most powerful movements, in hip-hop.  Dipset changed hip-hop not only through their fashion but through their music as well, the originators of the mixtapes we know today. A super group lead by Cam’ron that created the legendary double album that is Diplomatic Immunity, an unorthodox form of  New York City rap that is one of my fondest memories as a teenager.  With beats from Just Blaze, and the Heatmakerz, it is an album that is loved by my  peers.  It brought a mixtape sound to a studio album. Who else but Cam’ron can spit bars like “what up bousin bousin, bird flip a dozen dozen/ Holla at your boy boy, you thought your cousin wasn’t” and the world loves it, a feeling  only my peers can understand.  Hearing “I Really Mean It” blast through speakers sends a feeling of power through your body.  Or bopping like Juelz Santana did in the video  when “Dipset Anthem” came on, is something my peers can’t help but do.  One of the major things Diplomatic Immunity did was introduce us to a young Juelz Santana, we heard him already on “Oh Boy”, but we really got to see what he was about on the groups first studio album, with standout tracks “My Love” and “Who am I.” We learned of a hot new young talented rapper from Harlem, and the world could not get enough of him, going on to come out with 2 albums of his own. Will Dipset have the commercial success it had in 2003? Probably not, but if they do shows together from time to time, that will just have to do.

Today’s teenagers have Joey BadA$$’s Pro Era, and Tyler, The Creator’s Odd Future movements to follow, which are both great, but it will never give us the same feeling we felt when we heard Dipset for the first time. We could admire the talent of these new groups, but myself and peers alike will never feel it. We would all love to see a Dipset reunion with new music, but the chance of it happening is slim to none. We have the memories, so pull out your Dipset shirt, play Diplomatic Immunity and go down memory lane with me when we were all Dipset, and still are because it is forever.