DJ Critical Hype Laces J. Cole Verses Over The Neptunes Production For ‘In Search Of… COLE’

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Featuring 30-tracks of dope mashups.

In the late 2000s, mashups ruled the internet. Helmed by a community of DJs — including Girl Talk, Super Mash Bros, Danger Mouse, and more — this cut-and-paste style of music was revered for breathing new life into old entities. And while its heydey is long-gone, a new mashup has ironically breathed new life into the very genre itself: DJ Critical Hype has laced a collection of J. Cole’s standout verses over the superior production of The Neptunes for In Search Of… COLE.

This 30-track project features writtens spanning Cole’s entire iconic career. From his 2010 “Back To The Topic (Freestyle)” to the acclaimed “Wet Dreamz,” DJ Critical Hypehas turned over every J. Cole stone to unearth an incredible medley of superior lyrics. And while the words and flows are hot in of themselves, they’re completely revamped and reimagined with The Neptunes’ sonic archictecture.  

DJ Critical Hype put on his crate-digging hat to comb through The Neptunes’ prolific catagloeu to supply Cole’s words with an array of nostalic and sublime instrumentals. Standout cuts include: “U Don’t Have To Call”, “Excuse Me Miss”, “Provider”, and much more.

In Search Of… COLE is wonderful symbiotic relationship that reinforces the respective artist’s timeless talents.

Listen to In Search Of… COLE below:

  1. “Green Ranger”
  2. “1985”
  3. “Love Yourz”
  4. “Brackets”
  5. “Mo Money”
  6. “Lights Please”
  7. “Wet Dreamz”
  8. “Album of the Year”
  9. “Just Begun”
  10. “KOD”
  11. “Dead Presidents II”
  12. “Back to the Topic”
  13. “Come Through and Chill”
  14. “Be Freestyle”
  15. “The Cut Off”
  16. “Lost Ones”
  17. “Once an Addict”
  18. “Cold Blood”
  19. “Revenge of the Dreamers”
  20. “Forbidden Fruit”
  21. “Louis Vuitton”
  22. “No Role Modelz”
  23. “LAnd of the Snakes”
  24. “Purple Rain”
  25. “Is She Gon Pop”
  26. “Blow Up”
  27. “Foldin Clothes”
  28. “Serenade”
  29. “The Cure”
  30. “Last Call”