DMX Gets Beat Down By Security (Videos Inside)

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DMX’s scheduled Colorado Springs concert turned into a riot over the weekend when the Yonkers artist clashed with local police over his headlining set.  Luckily it was all caught on film,  DMX was supposed to arrive at 9 PM to check in for the American Charities Concert but when he arrived at 11 PM the security refused to let him in, it was also reported when X got to the door at first the security were telling him he wasn’t the real DMX and giving him a hard time saying only his “wife” was allowed in but not his DJ. DMX finally got in but when X attempted to force his way on stage, several authorities tackled him to the ground. His entourage and fans joined the battle, and DMX’s publicist Pam Pinnock reportedly suffered a minor concussion and face laceration after being trampled on the floor.

DMX eventually made it to the stage, but was not given the supporting sound system to appease his chanting fans.

While details are still being revealed, the American Charities/ Soulclay Entertainment strict refusal to let DMX perform is allegedly the result of the non-profit not having the remaining money needed to cover X’s performance. The rapper was paid an $8000 deposit, with a remaining amount of $7000 to be delivered upon the show’s completion but J. Baldrick, the head of Dirty Limelight/Hustle Hard record label, has taken to the internet to blame concert organizers  Soulclay Entertainment for making DMX late in a bid to get out of having to pay the star the booking fee.
Baldrick writes, ”
“You may hear rumors that DMX was late and he breached the contract, but the fact is, he was not paid what he was owed to be there. Brian ‘Sir Tony’ of Crushing Game Car Club even confirmed that John of Soulclay Ent. told him to have DMX wait till 11pm! The promoter stalled DMX to make it look like it was DMX’s fault he was late, when in fact it was Soulclay Ent’s fault because they didn’t have his money!”

-That is some trifilin` stuff right there at least call him and let him know the deal instead of beat a brother down. I know  the videos are shot poorly but its first hand insight of how it all really went down: