DMX: “I Wish It Was Like 10 Years Ago So I Could Catch (Drake) In an Elevator and Beat Him Up”

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It’s no secret that DMX doesn’t like Drake. He’s had some not so nice things to say about the YMCMB artist in the past and based on this interview with Power 105.1, his feelings haven’t changed. When asked how he felt about Drake’s involvement in the new Aaliyah posthumous project X said that it was “disrespectful” that Drizzy didn’t reach out to Timbaland or Missy Elliot (two of Aalyah’s most frequent collaborators) and he wished that “it was like 10 years ago so I could catch him (Drake) in an elevator and beat him up”. Gotta love DMX for comments like this. I don’t know if its funny or sad that I be checking for X’s interviews more than I check for his music nowadays. The Drake comments take place starting around the 8 minute mark in the interview below.