DMX Looks Beyond Hip-Hop

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By: Rizoh
      How about some positive news about DMX for a change? When he’s not too busy getting arrested for traffic violations, X stays preoccupied by designing an edgy and gritty line of clothing known as “DMX Authentic.”
      "Real clothing for real people is the inspiration in what many refer to as the ‘X Factor’ in the DMX apparel collections," explains a member of DMX’s design team. DMX apparel captures the nitch of the young, aggressive, and hip market looking for clothing to match their lifestyle. High-quality fabrics with state of the art graphic treatments and designs reflect what people want in contemporary clothing today, and the images represented on the initial product offerings represent DMX’s essence as a man and as an artist.
      “DMX Authentic” and the “Earl Simmons Signature Collection” will be available to the public on February 9, 2007.