DMX Sheds Some Light On His Beef With HOV And The Making of Belly 2

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So Vibe released the second part of their interview with DMX, as if he didn’t weird us out enough the first time! DMX had some more to say about today’s rap and his strong dislike against skinny jeans and tight clothing. He talked about his feelings towards Jay-Z, his interest in working with Nas, and about making Belly 2. DMX is so crazy. But seeing him out and about would be pure comedy to me.

Here’s a snippet from the Vibe interview.

Damn. Have you even been able to have a conversation with Jay after that? I remember when it happened.
I’ve not talked to him yet, since. But I had a show November 18th, before I got locked up–No November 12th I had the show. And somebody in the crowd was like ‘What’s up with Jay-Z’ and I was like ‘Fuck Jay-Z’. And it ended up all over the place. So he called Swizz, Swizz called me, and he tells Swizz ‘Yoo, why your man dissin me? I was gonna do a song with him’—Coulda, woulda, shoulda. Fucking bullshit. I don’t wanna hear that shit. And like ‘Yo, can you just get him to say he ain’t mean it’—NO! I’m not saying that. What I did say is if he wanna talk to me, I’m man enough to let him know why it’s ‘Fuck You’, but it’s still ‘Fuck You’! That’s what it is. I’ll let you know why, I can do that. It ain’t like you gotta worry about me running up on you shooting you. It ain’t that serious. You don’t owe me nothing. But if you want an explanation as to why it’s ‘Fuck You’, I’ll be more than happy to tell you why.

Speaking of Nas, he actually just put out a new single. I don’t think you heard it but it’s called “Nasty” and he’s jus spitting with no hook.
Hmm, I was gonna do something like that too. See, we on the same page. I went to his show maybe 3 weeks before I got locked up. I went to see him do a show out here, so I went by. But anywhere he’s at man, I’ll go check on him. I’ll go holla at him, sit down, kick it, whatever. We are good friends. There’s been a couple of times where it’s just me, him, and our wives all went out to eat. No security.

That’s crazy. So Is there any chance that another DMX and Nas can do another record?
That’ll work. I’m glad you said that. I’m a reach out to him for this album.

Belly is still a hip-hop classic. I don’t care what barbershop, what radio station, people still talk about this movie man.
Yeah, they play it on BET a lot. You know how many times I’ve seen it since I been here?

I’m saying! It’s on regular rotation now.
And they fucked up with the Belly 2. All they had was the title. Someone bought the title. Got people thinking it’s a part 2 to our movie when it’s really not. It’s just the name Belly 2. But, I been working with a couple of writers man where we can bring it back. A part 2 with a crazy story.

Oh really? With all the original characters maybe, hopefully?
No. it would really just be me, Nas and Meth. Some new hot chicks in there. But the story—the thing that most important to me with a movie is not so much the cast. It’s the story. See, this cast is important. You gotta have a good story. And it makes sense. It’ll show that I did some time for murder or whatever, and it’s really 10 years later. So it works out perfect.