Does A Boss Wear Sean John?

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So the self proclaimed biggest boss of them all is repping The Diddler’s brand.  I’m sure it’s good check, but does a boss really wear Sean John?  I’m legitimately asking.  I think not…but maybe?

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According to Examiner Atlanta Rosé is slanging Sean John heavy.

  • Rick Ross promoting Sean John at Macy’s may seem farfetched, but Ross who is a shrewd business man knows a little something about putting your ducks in a row. The idea to align himself with P.Diddy was common sense to Ross and he has the album sales to prove it.

    “You know Puff is a good friend first, a mentor, and business partner. The partnership was something that came natural,” Ross says.

    Diddy’s influence included production, string pulling and now Ross as one of the faces for Sean John. Ross whose lyrics are laced with diamonds, champagne and every token of the good life , was more than willing to promote the Sean John brand.

    “Being a big guy that’s fashion conscious Sean John is definitely a brand I rock wit. I have plans to dabble in the fashion industry. I get to rock fly clothes and that always good” Ross says. “It’s a great opportunity for me.  I mean Sean John represents hip hop. He is a hip-hop mogul.”


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