Don Goldie- The New Blondie!

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This is no “Caught in the Rapture”- meet his alter ego/new persona- Don Goldie. I’ve known C-Rayz Walz for a few years now. In fact I had a brief management stint lasted about the length of our dinner- great spot- Il Bagatto

He wrecked havoc at SXSW– left his prints! So who is Don Goldie. I tried to get the 411 with him on phone today. He was rushing to catch a flight but promised me a little taste- well I couldn’t wait to deliver something to you all so check this out.


Hot off the Miz Metro blog from her Miz Metro TV show Local Stop as part of ‘SXSW 16’ series. Miz Metro caught up with C-Rayz Walz aka Don Goldie after his set at the Red Fez Hip Hop Howl showcase.

Local Stop: SXSW “16” C-RAYZ WALZ from MiZ MeTrO: UNLIMITED on Vimeo.

Who wants more Don Goldie?