Don Imus Makes Another Racial Remark

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by AF

During his radio show yesterday, Imus and his co-host were commenting on Adam "Pacman" Jones situation:

"He’s been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005," Wolf said.

"What color is he?" Imus asked.

"He’s African-American," Wolf responded.

"Well, there you go," Imus said. "Now we know."

Imus claims that the remark was a "sarcastic point" that police often unfairly target blacks


  1. Fuck Al Sharpton…and anyone like him! I don’t think Imus was being racist, he cleared it up by stating that blacks get arrested for nothing, which is true. So you got lucky on this one Imus!

  2. I dont even care no more I can understand why they make jokes against us look at us look at how we treat each other I cant expect other races to respect us when we dont even have respect for ourselves all I can is laugh because his comment is not even half as bad as whats going on in the streets and in the rap game blacks killing blacks black rapping about selling drugs and killing each other and they want me to be mad at don imus when I hear rapppers calling women hoes and bitches and racial profiling themselves cmon we can blame ourselves more than imus

  3. and you dumbasses keep talkin about the same dunb ass rappers she speakin on tell em mama wit yo monkey lookn ass… when is don imus gon die he already look dead n shit…fuck al sharpton fuck this nigga on cnn and any other uncle tom ass nigaas

  4. Every black person knows dat most not all but most white people dont understand black people and dont want 2. I just wanna know WHY do dey still call us Black people when we not black.

  5. fuck a color black or white we all fucked when it comes 2 society…if u lower class middle class u aint shit no mo in our society….and how we gon say he a racist and call him a cracker in the same sentence aint that a contradiction (doggson)

  6. i dont know where to start on this subject..REAl TALK..there r things blacks can only say to blacks and whites to whites.Period..when u step out of line u get dealt u can say shit to yo potna that he would beat the shit out of sumone else if it came out of their point is just because black people talk shit to each other doesnt mean its ok for any other race to say the same thing and vice versa.. its no excuses..

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