Donald Glover Releases Surprise Album, ‘3.15.20’

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Donald Glover, AKA Childish Gambino, has never been one to follow entertainment’s status quo. 

When trying to break into the film world, he created a sketch comedy group, Derrick Comedy, which eventually led to writing and acting posts with 30 Rock and Community, respectively. When he wanted to show fans his versatility, he donned the name Childish Gambino, and released a well-received mixtape collection. When he wanted to show a different musical side, he released the Grammy Award-winning Awaken, My Love! album. And now, Glover has circumvented the industry’s traditional Friday release day to drop his new project, 3.15.20, yesterday, Sunday (March 22nd).

Originally shared through a fleeting release via, the live stream was only available for one-day (hence, 3.15.20), much to fans’ chagrin. However, Glover packed the ambiguous offering into an official release, now available on all streaming platforms.

3.15.20 plays like an amalgamation of B-sides mixed with sheer experimentation; most song titles follow Kendrick Lamar’s untitled, unmastered LP in that they’re a series of numbers — save for “Algorhythm” and “Time”. Throughout, Glover converges his hip-hop roots and R&B proclivity, all while testing new sounds and vibes and pushing the creative envelope forward.

The album is 12-tracks deep, running 57-minutes. Features include 21 Savage, Ariana Grande, and Kadhja Bonet.

Listen to 3.15.20 below: