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Looks like even the big players in the corporate world are sounding off about Rihanna’s move to take back Chris Brown with both Oprah and the Donald saying that she is a fool to take his wife beating ass back. OK maybe they didn’t say wife-beating ass, but we all know they meant it. Oprah, who has always voiced her disapproval at those who advocate domestic violence can be seen in this video speaking her mind on the subject and well Donald had this to say “She better get the hell out,” he says. “If she goes back, she’s a loser and she doesn’t deserve to have any future success,” when talking about the incident which has garnered as much media attention as the Innauguration of President Obama.
Also in related news, there is a rumor that Breezy and Rih Rih are ready to sign a book deal about domestic violence and are allegedly about to embark on the chat show circuit together to discuss overcoming such matters. Hmmm wait, what is that I smell…hmm yup bullsh*t. There is also a $10 million clause in this ‘contract’ for Rihanna if Brown beats her ass again. Puuurlease. There is however talks that Rihanna is working on her new album which is cited as being her best material yet…wonder why? Not to sound negative which I know i do throughout the story but on the real, this story needs to die now. She made her bed…let her lie in it. Breezy needs to acknowledge that he his career is on hold, well at least for now anyway.


  1. i cannot believe rihanna had to go back to that sadist chris brown. come on. that beauty can do better. but it’s probably a sickness. that’s why she has to keep coming back.

  2. What the hell is Rih thinking!!! what woman in the right mind would go back to a sadist!?! Oh well, lucky for me I’m not the one getting beat up, She is. 🙁

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