Dr. Dre’s daughter, Manaj, moving forward with documentary

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno
      Awhile back there was announcement that Dr. Dre’s 22-year old daughter Manaj, was signing with TM Media Group for various projects. That first project is a documentary called “Daddy’s Shadow”, which follows Manaj as she tries to break into the music industry without her famous dad’s help. Apparently, Dre objects to Manaj having a music career and refuses to help her. Last year, after the announcement of the documentary, Manaj said she was actually cut-off by her father. It appears that Manaj shares a lot of stories and history that Dre himself didn’t want to become public.
      The film is still under production, but a trailer is now available to view plus you can a sample of her music (yes, she’s an emcee), from TM MEDIA GROUP. Manaj also started a blog last week,  MANAJ BLOG , to keep potential fans up to date on her career moves. If you really want the movie, you can pre-order it here WIGGA WRECKORDS .


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