Dr. Dre Suing Suge Over The Chronic

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

       It’s been 15 years since Dr. Dre dropped “The Chronic” and now the super-producer wants it back. He’s filed a lawsuit against Death Row Records and Suge Knight in order to get the rights of his classic album back. Death Row and Suge are currently in bankruptcy court and are about to auction all of the label’s assets including the copyrights of “The Chronic.” According to Billboard, around March 1996, Dre agreed to relinquish his 50 percent ownership of Death Row Records, as well as hand over copyrights to the album on the condition he continue receiving royalties as he was leaving the label.

       According to Dre’s suit, he’s held up his end of the bargain but Death Row has failed to pay him his royalties, so back in 2000 he took back his agreements and asked for the copyrights of his album back. In the suit Dre says this makes him the rightful owner of the album and it shouldn’t be included in the asset auction. Dre is also asking that Death Row pay him the royalties from the last 11 years that he never received.


  1. Get your money man! Also try to drop an album that doesn’t have too many guests featuring. maybe eminem and lil’ wayne. then throw in a lil cam’ron the jay z on two tracks, the whole dogg pound and snoop dogg on six track. kanye west on one classic, busta rhymes too. then rap for 5 minutes on the wole album. u and i know you cant put out an album without at least 10 guest artists.

  2. i c dre got heart all of sudden lol. the chronic 1-2 are classics. detox needs the same crew xzibit,snoop,kurupt,em, and rbx.. have ever heard of a killa i drop bomb like heroshima.

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