Dr. Dre’s Mom To Release Tell-All Memoirs

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       Verna Griffin – the mother of Hip-Hop producer Dr. Dre – is planning to release her memoirs, titled Long Road Outta Compton: Dr. Dre’s Mom on Family, Fame and Terrible Tragedy.

       The streetwise Griffin, who delivered Andre Young at the age of 15, didn’t like it when he hooked up with Eric Wright, who had a lot of material things but no apparent job. "I was worried … that Andre would be drawn to the glitter of what drug money could buy," she writes in her upcoming memoir, "Long Road Outta Compton." "Fast money is not good money."

     This is the story of Verna Griffin. A woman who gave birth to five children, losing two in infancy and one to gangland violence. Her surviving son is one of the most famous men in the world, and her daughter is a homemaker with children of her own.

      From Verna’s turbulent childhood to her failed marriages and the problems that came along with Dre’s fame, she has grown a thick skin and learned to overcome life’s obstacles. As Verna struggled to give her children a safe and happy home amid the gangs and violence that made up South Central Los Angeles, she also searched for a good man to love her. She hit brick walls several times while trying to reach these goals.

      During Verna’s personal struggles she felt lost and desperately fought to find her purpose in the world. With the invaluable support from her tight-knit family and the gradual recognition of her great self-worth, Verna has persevered. This is a tale of a woman who faced constant battles head-on, who learned to transform failure into triumph, and whose inspirational story is one for us all.