Drake: “Criticism Is Good” & Pics Of Drake & Trey Songz At The Kodak Event In NYC

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Drizzy made his way over to Hot 97 last night following his CBS interview to chat it up with host Angie Martinez.  In what was an entertaining interview, Angie called out Drake for being featured on nearly every radio-friendly song these days, asking, “do you ever get tired of yourself?”  Drake responded by jokingly saying, “I hope people feel good about it….I like hearing stuff I haven’t heard in a while or stuff that they rarely play…I’ve gotten to this point now when if I get in the car and I don’t hear a song where [Young Money] is on, I’m like ‘man, we’re  falling off.’ ”  He later stated that he’s open to criticism, but in order for it to be constructive, he must be able to gauge  what the critic is into.


Angie mentioned that the last time she had the former Degrassi star in the studio he had yet to release Thank Me Later.  Asking if there were any changes since he skyrocketed to superstardom, Drake cited that his road to fame was particularly interesting because he was “truly the first artist to be built up based off strictly Internet.”  He went on to say that he will remain true to his original fans and keep evolving based on his web presence.


In other Drake news, the Canadian songwriter released the first single from his upcoming R&B mixtape, “I Get Lonely.”  The song features a sample and reinterpretation of the opening track off TLC’s 1999 album, FanMail. Earlier today, Drake told Rap-Up, “I was in the car and I had the iPod on shuffle, and I heard T-Boz’s voice come on and I was like, damn, I never noticed the lyrics to this song and how beautiful they were because it was an intro. When I heard it, I was like, man, me and [producer Noah ’40’ Shebib] could do something with this, and used this as the intro on their album, so I used it as the intro on my mixtape.”  That was one crazy sample flip, and Drake definitely did TLC justice.


Drake Hot 97 Interview Part 1

You can go to Hot97.com to peep the second part of the interview

Also check out some pics of Drake & Trey Songz performing at a Kodak event last night in NYC.  Courtesy of KirillWasHere.