Drake And Nicki Minaj Feel Backlash For Faking Freestyles

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Drake and Nicki Minaj are feeling serious backlash from critics because they wrote their supposed freestyles at the BET Hip-Hop Awards cyphers. Nicki was quoted as saying: “How many people on that cypher do you think spit off the top of their head? I don’t write off the top of my head. I can’t come up with those punch lines and metaphors off the top of my head. Everybody besides KRS-One, who else can you name that spit off the top of their head? They will tear apart a female, like, ‘She did a good verse, but she wrote it.’ … The only thing that matters is that I wrote on a paper and memorized it. Wayne never wrote my sh–. No one ever wrote my stuff.”

Drake was put on blast too for going on Funk Flex Earlier this year and spitting a freestyle while reading from his phone he was quoted as saying….. “it was like, ‘Let’s go on the radio and just kill New York.’ I’ll never forget how nervous I was. It was such a rookie hip-hop moment — and, obviously, the controversy of me pulling out my phone and rapping off my phone because I just wasn’t prepared”
I dont know it all sounds like excuses to me, if your nice like that then your nice with the freestyle but look at Drake`s full interview with MTV and judge for yourself