Drake Continues to Fan Flames on Kanye Beef

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Drizzy is done being the nice guy–he wants all the smoke.

2018 has been one of the most entertaining years for hip-hop. Aside from the surplus of incredible albums from rap heavyweights and ambitious newcomers alike, this year has also been privy to a wide array of beef sizzling on the highest flame setting. Push dissed Drake, Drake responded, Push put Drake in a body bag; Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly are currently engaged in a battle of wits and rhymes; G-Eazy caught wind of Em and MGK feuding and decided to craft his own diss towards the latter. While Drizz has already battled one adversary, that doesn’t mean that his plate is full–no, it seems like Drake wants all of the smoke.

Beef has a funny way of typically targeting the most popular artists; when someone’s on top, everyone clamors to rip them down in effort to propel their own star to the summit. That’s why the Drake and Kanye feud has been so interesting: these are two of arguably the most popular and influential MCs of our time. When we strip away the enticing element of gunning for the higher ranks, we’re left with contemporaries leveraging their outsized egos for aggressive lyrical fuel. David vs. Goliath will forever be cemented in underdog lore, but what happens when Goliath challenges Goliath? We get Drake and Kanye in the trenches of war.

After Ye gave an emotional interview in his hometown of Chicago, where he apologized for seemingly all of his bemusing anecdotes and hoped to reconcile his ongoing feud with Drake, Drizz seemed unmoved by Ye’s hope for peace. Instead, he smirked, disregarded the notion of a reunion with his former collaborator and brother, and reloaded his lyrical cannon.

In a snippet of an upcoming Drake and French Montana collaboration, Drizz is heard saying, “I told her don’t wear no 350s ‘round me”, alluding to Kanye’s wildly popular sneaker line. The 6 God sounds jaded and bothered–actually, he sounds upset. He’s consistently taken the high road in these situations, but those days seem to be behind him. Yes, Drake wants all the smoke.

Given Kanye’s perpetually precarious emotional state, it’ll be interesting to see if–rather, how–he’ll address this. Kanye isn’t dense; he knows that Drake is the most popular rapper, and a widening divide between the two wouldn’t be in Ye’s best commercial interests.

Until that retaliation (hopefully) manifests, listen to the Drake snippet below:

“I told her don’t wear no 350s around me” – #Drake 👀

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