Drake Wifes Up A Stripper…And Is Proud Of It

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There were all these rumors circulating that Drake was dating this stripper named Maliah Michelle, who I personally think looks wack and washed up as hell. I refused to believe that Drizzy would hook up with someone that looks she could be someones mom but its official. Peep the pics the girl is definitely large and in charge, oh and I guess their relationship has been confirmed by the number one source for news: TWITTER! I mean if you take a chick with you to Jamaica it must be serious, This will not end well…



  1. LMAO…. A Drake talks about his life right…Ex girl strippin, I can't stop her
    New girl trippin but I can't drop her…. I mean, just cuz she's a stripper does that make her a smut?SMH…

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