Dubbo Releases His Latest Anthem, “Beat Up The Belly 2”

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The rising artist returns with an emphatic new track.

Since releasing his first single in November of 2019, Dubbo has significantly evolved as an artist, crafting his lyrics to match the energy of his music. On his latest release, “Beat Up The Belly 2,” he showcases those developments; however, despite the intensity of the track, Dubbo makes his work look effortless. On top of a daunting piano melody and booming 808s, Dubbo wastes no time introducing himself. As soon as the beat drops, he’s in go-mode, moving methodically between sections while sustaining the level of energy that’s expected of him.

Directed by Kade Fresco for Fresco Filmz, the video perfectly complements the energy of the track, and Dubbo never fails to entertain with his visuals. It’s an unrelenting video: quick cuts and close-up shots bring the visual to life. Dubbo’s iconic image, defined by his red hair and strong stature, drives the visual, as he and his friends come together to captivate a wide-ranging audience. With Dubbo, there is never a dull moment, and this time is no different; his performance value and uncanny ability to create energetic anthems are on full display here.

In its entirety, “Beat Up The Belly 2” sees Dubbo at his very best, flaunting his success and giving listeners a glimpse of his rowdy lifestyle. His ad-libs flawlessly complement his style, adding accents to his bars and injecting energy into the track. Together, Dubbo’s vocals and the song’s production are engaged in a fast-pace dance, creating a dynamic and alluring rhythm for listeners to turn up to.

Dubbo has a penchant for captivating listeners with his charismatic, confident delivery and hard-hitting flows. With his natural swagger and innate lyrical ability, he’s an artist who will make an imprint on any song. As the next prominent rapper coming out of Texas, Dubbo has already amassed an impressive catalog, consisting of several singles and an extended project. With the single and video for “Beat Up The Belly 2,” Dubbo adds depth to his catalog and follows up his last single, “Valero,” with a bang.

Listen to Dubbo’s “Beat Up The Belly 2” now.

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