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Celeb divorces are never easy and Dwayne Wade’s divorce from childhood sweetheart Siohvaughn is proving a total disaster. The Heat player now linked with Hollywood hottie, Gabrielle Union has had all his dirty laundry aired in divorce proceedings, including the fact that he allegedly gave his soon to be ex an STD while married due to his excessive (?) whoring around. Married for six years, Siohvaughn moved back to Chicago last year with the couples two sons, who she says have no real understanding of who their father is due to his irregular visits to see them.
When there is a whole load of money involved, plus a harem of women all happy to admit to sleeping with D Wade, you know the divorce is going to be a messy one. Anyway the soon to be Mrs. Wade wants a list of all the ladies who got a piece of her hubby while married which is part of her divorce terms. Not quite sure why she would expect 1) DW’s legal counsel to agree to something such as that and 2) Why would she even want to know who he had messed with.


  1. LOL lil momma wants more evidence so she can get more money from Wade. Thats the only reason why she wants to know. Its gonna happen, he’s a millionaire and females flock to him, you have your two children move on, hell if its money you want your already set, find someone else. No sense in destroying his rep for your satisfiation. If you love him let him go, if he comes back…you know the rest. Move on, there are more in the sea.

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