Emilio Rojas Fights For His “Right To Stay”

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So Emilio Rojas gives us some food for thought.

Today he premiered the video for his track “Right To Stay.” Already the lyrical content contains no gimmicks or no punch lines, just the realities of I.C.E. (Immigration Customs and Enforcement). However once you see the video, you follow the unsettling story following a woman being physically assaulted just because of her citizenship status.

The video definitely speaking about the racism we tend to forget about everyday. The prejudice against immigrants, mainly of Hispanic descents. The jokes and cracks of minimum wage labor and the mistreatment of the women. We also must not forget about the Arizona SB1070 f*ckery that condones any prejudice against anyone who LOOKS like an immigrant. Emilio Rojas, never one to try and fit the mold, opens our eyes to the victims of that close mindedness.

For a brief 30 seconds of the video, the music stops but the sound continues, blurring out what might have been the most disturbing rape scene ever to impart us with knowledge about the cases of sexual assault because of this distasteful prejudice.