“Emily King”

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By Kevin L. Clark


      She may be only 21 years-old, but if you take one listen to songs off of her debut album East Side Story– you’ll hear the voice of someone who’s been here before. Emily King has dazzled audiences and critics alike with her unique songwriting and beautifully crafted voice.

      It is that distinct and wondrous sound that’ll be blaring out of the speakers during the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival in New York. The Room Service Group allowed Crackspace to talk with the New York native as she breaks bread; discussing the allure of New York, talks about her anxiousness to perform at the Festival and shares what she learned from being on the road with John Legend.


HHC: Being a New Yorker – what is one thing about the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival that an out-of-towner would cherish that a New Yorker would think is just commonplace?


EK: I would have to say that it would probably be the diversity. There’s a soul within New York that exemplifies the culture. I think a lot of those things are traits of New York that I miss every time that I leave. There’s the quality of music that I especially miss. I was on the road with John Legend and we were in Arizona. First, let me say that it’s too hot, but the music in New York just sounds native. Arizona was dope, too, don’t get me wrong, but New York is like a country in its own.


HHC: How did you hear about the Festival and what piqued your interest about joining its line-up?


EK: I have been hearing about it through friends for awhile. I had never been to it, but I heard about all the incredible artists that have graced its stage. So, I couldn’t say no to the opportunity. I have an incredible stage show to present to the audience. I’ll be on there for about 30 minutes and I hope that everyone enjoys it.


HHC: Speaking of the line-up – it’s a raw assembly of people. Is there anyone on the ticket that you’re excited to see perform?


EK: Ghostface all day! I’m looking forward to the experience. Doing this show has me feeling like this is going to be some sort of family reunion.


HHC: On your album East Side Story — you wrote the majority of the songs. Which one best reflects your personality?


EK: …Good question… Umm, I don’t know – I think that it changes from day-to-day. Today, there’s a song called “Moon” and I’m kind of feeling like that. I just got back from the road and I just want to have some tea. I’m a Cancer so… I can be shy or a few other things; like I really want to go to the beach right now.


HHC: I still haven’t been to Coney Island, yet…


EK: You need to go to the beach! [Donald] Trump bought up a lot of it. They plan on tearing down the amusement park and building up new stuff.


HHC: What is one thing about New York that keeps so many people coming through to experience its highs and lows?


EK: I come back here for the food. You can get anything that you want right there on your block. There’s the spontaneity. You can just walk around and get into anything, virtually. It’s amazing. You don’t know who all you can see. There’s always something that’s going to happen. The diversity is key, the energy is just fulfilling. So many people crammed into one little space; there’s something that’s bound to happen. That is very good for songwriting.


HHC: Since this is a hip-hop festival – will your performance cater to the hip-hop enthusiasts? Or will you have something else in store?


EK: I do what I do. I grew up in that culture so it comes out naturally. There may be some surprises. You’ll just have to wait and see.


HHC: With this being the 3rd Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival – what do you think that Emily King will bring to the concert that’ll be innovative and refreshing?


EK: My band is dope. We have fun on stage. I just want to bring a fun vibe to it. I want to let people know that I’m here to have a good time.


HHC: What inspired you to write “U and I”…? Was it a relationship that you were in or was it a reflection of someone else’s relationship?


EK:Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I think that it’s me, sometimes I think that it’s about somebody else [laughs]. I’ve definitely been through that before. Sometimes I write a song and it’ll come true after… like I spoke it into reality.


HHC: What have your learned by being on the road with John Legend that you’ve used to help with your own stage show?


EK: I have learned that you have to have your own ritual to do before a show. No matter if you don’t have enough space and you have to go elsewhere, you just have to have something to do. Musically, I learned that there are so many details that you need to look at before performing. He’s [John Legend] a real class act and he caters to a wide range of people. From young to old, black and white, he’s just very appealing. Aside from music, I learned just to enjoy every little moment. We drove around in a bus with the band for 12 hours at a time and I loved the experience. So, I want to continue to love the experiences that I’m blessed to go through.