Enter Project ART Hip-Hop Contest for a Chance to Win $500

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By: Rizoh

      Project A.R.T. (ART stands for awareness, respect, and truth), Detroit’s sole hip-hop arts organization is gearing up for its 3rd Annual ZigiDeeBooM Hip Hop Fest. The event will take place at Wayne State University on Wed., Sept. 19, 2007.

      Project: A.R.T. describes itself as “a non-profit, student organization designed to engage, enlighten and educate youth and young adults on the BUSINESS of the HIP HOP ARTS through technology.”

      Organizers at this year’s event have set aside 5 Benjamin Franklins for the “best hip-hop artist.” In addition to the $500, the performer of the best rap song will also receive a top spot during the Hip Hop Fest. The 2007 theme is “Safe & Sound: Self-Check Required,” and contestants are expected to write songs that best represent the theme.

        Scheduled to appear at the event are the legendary X-Clan  and WestCoast KAM. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION