Eve and Angelina Jolie ???

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By: Hot Gossip Gal

      Eve has the attention of a lot of lesbians out there and I am sure after she went on the record and said her crush is Angelina Jolie her stock will continue to rise. In a recent interview she gave up a little insight about how she gets hit on by the women. Read here

Do you get approached a lot by women?

"Yeah, I used to more when I first came out. I’ve had people tell me straight up and down that I was gay—I still get it from people. I get more accusations than I actually do get hit on now."

Did it make you uncomfortable?

"Gay women are way more aggressive than men—I will definitely say that. [Laughs] But it doesn’t bother me. I’ve never been disrespected in any way. If I’m like, "Yo, I get it, but I don’t swing that way," then it’s all love."


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