Fabolous Whip Is Stolen In Washington…And You Would Never Guess What Kind Of Vehicle It Was

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They dont play in Washington D.C., last time they tried to steal Cam`s Lambo and shot him while he escaped this time they hit a new low and stole Fabolous` turtle top van….you know those vans that you give the street team to rock, that is sad though…Fab did have some pretty funny responses to it on twitter though:
“In other news.. My turtletop van was stolen in DC this weekend.. They informed me they found it 2day.. Ppl still steal cars?? #WhoDoesThat,” Fab tweeted Tuesday (August 10).

“I mean, if u wanted to ride in the Turtletop Van, jus ask… I woulda said No.. But thats the better way 2 go about it…LOL.” (Fabolous’ Twitter)