Fader Pays Tribute to Aaliyah

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      The Fader pays tribute to the late Aaliyah in its annual Icon issue. The issue features contributions from both professional and personal friends.

     It only took Aaliyah a few albums to make an indelible mark on the world of pop music, but today her influence can be felt across numerous genres,” said Chris Richards,  Executive Editor of The Fader. “This issue not only tracks that influence, but also offers a more personal glimpse into the life of a true pop visionary.”


  1. Let her rest and stop tryin to make money off of her meaning her famiy,and the magazine…REST IN PEACE AALIYAH…OH YEAH TO THE FAMILY (LET HER REST PLEASE)!

  2. A tribute doesnt exactly mean somebody trying to get money. There is really not alot of money in magazines these days. 9 times out of 10 her family is getting money for this. They probably have to authorive the photos man. I miss Aliyah and I think this is a great thing. Maybe the people that dont know her can get to know her. Open your eyes man!!!

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