Fat Trel Drops “Yall N*ggas Aint Real”…Beefs With Wale?

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This guy Fat Trel has recently become one of my favorite rappers.  Modi put me onto him earlier this year, and I have been f*cking with his wave ever since.  To be honest I always felt like Wale was swagger jacking his delivery, but what do I know?  However, it looks like Fat Trel is in agreement with me based on some re-tweets, tweets, and reactionary commentary from Wale.  I mean we all know “beef” is retarded in 2011, but I will say this:

Does Wale really want it with Fat Trel?  Dude has some serious face tattoo swag, and his general demeanor leads me to believe it’s #DeeperThanRap.  All I have to do is watch his “Respect The Tech” video to know I want no problems with that guy.