Father-in-law: “Boycott Amy Winehouse”, Daddy Responds

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      With the news and rumors of R&B songstress Amy Winehouse getting in a drug-induced physical fight with her husband Blake Fielder-Civil and then both of them checking in to a rehab center, Civil’s father Giles Fielder-Civil is asking fans to boycott Winehouse’s album.

      "I think they believe they are recreational users of drugs and they are in control," Fielder-Civil told BBC radio, who believes the couple are using coke, crack and heroine. "Clearly they are addicts. [Fans should send a message] that her addiction and her behavior are not acceptable. Perhaps it is time to stop buying records. It’s a possibility, to send that message."

      Amy Winehouse’s father, Mitch Winehouse, fired back at Giles saying that Amy and Blake need their support and not to be dissed in public by family members — or taking them out for a drink after coming out of rehab.

      "It is a horrible situation and our family and Blake‘s family are living through hell," Mitch Winehouse told BBC Radio. "We have had medical advice, but the facts are very, very simple – the day after they came out of the facility we had a meeting with the GPs, specialists in dependency issues and eating disorders. Giles and Georgette (Blake’s mother) were due to come to that meeting but they chose to go for a drink in the pub with Amy and Blake. We have two families pulling in different directions. We want our children to be safe, but we have different definitions of how we can do that."

      Will you boycott Amy’s album or do you careless?