Female DJ Speaks About Sexual Encounter With Lil Kim

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DJ Golden Girl of Power 99 FM in Philadelphia explains a sexual experience that she shared with Lil Kim in her upcoming book:

Anyway, there I was, in a position I had never been in, laying in bed with the Queen Bee, ready to eat her p*ssy. We were in some exquisitely designed bedroom, where she was dressed in a thong…period. We were drinking Cristal, and I couldn’t believe I was about to have sex with a chick. I felt a little weird, although I do chix with chix parties, and have a series of chix with chix DVD’s. I have seen it in person at clubs, and have been asked by chicks to have it done, but I have never done it, or had it done to me by a chick.

But all that shit aside, Lil Kim and I were touching, rubbing, and before I knew it, we were playing in each other’s p*ssy with our fingers. Her a*s was so soft, I kept touching and grabbing it. I’d never felt anybody’s a*s as soft as mine, and her t*tties were huge and pretty. Her nipples got hard instantly as I licked all over them. She was rubbing my cl*t and grabbing my a*s.

She pulled me on top of her, and somehow made her cl*t press a button on mine. We were grinding cl*ts, and it felt unbelievably good. I figured she knew what she was doing, cause my p*ssy was dripping wet. We were both moaning, and I didn’t think she could feel my p*ssy juices, because as she slid her fingers between my lips.

When she felt how wet she had gotten me, she got a surge of adrenaline and said, “Oh my God, girl, you’re so wet, let me…” and she leaned up and grabbed my leg to motion me to turn my a*s to her face. I did, and we were in the sixty-nine position, with her on the bottom.

I said, “Let me get a towel to wipe some of the p*ssy juice off my a*s.”

She said, “No, I got you,” and started softly kissing my a*s cheeks.

Her lips were so soft, I felt like I was c*mming already. I was so excited. She rubbed and kissed my a*s, and I rubbed her cl*t, slowly inserting a little bit of my finger in her p*ssy. It was wet and tight. It felt strange, because I was feeling the inside of another woman’s p*ssy walls. I was nervous, and didn’t want to do anything stupid.

As she started letting her tongue tap on my p*ssy lips, I was freaking out. Her tongue was so warm and soft, flickering from the front to the back, then kissing and sucking my cl*t, all in one motion. I stopped with my finger, and opened her legs, to lick the creases of her thighs, while we were still in the sixty-nine position.

I started at her a*s, dripping spit down the crack, and my finger slightly rubbing it with the softest touch. She loved it. I then replaced my finger with my tongue all around her a*shole. I patted and licked, and felt her a*shole tighten up as she moaned louder. I slowly licked around her lips and started eating her p*ssy. I sucked her p*ssy, and licked the cl*t ever so softly. Then I started flicking it with my tongue a little harder and faster. She licked me the same way. I had p*ssy juice down to my ears. Her cl*t was really hard by now, so I knew I was doing it good. I started putting my fingers in her as I ate that p*ssy.


  1. The bitch lied. They say kim might sue her ugly ass. She works for G-unit and is tryna seell some books for fifty on some superhead shit. dDont get me wrong though kim is gay.

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