Finally Get Those T.I., Jeezy Lyrics to Go

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      Ever have a hard time deciphering those lyrics from your favorite rapper and go online to find them to only be disappointed by only finding one verse and it’s all wrong? Well, Yahoo! and Gracenote have joined forces to publish the official lyrics for every song from the catalogs of Bertelsmann AG’s BMG Music Publishing, Vivendi’s Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony/ATV Music Publishing and other publishers which cover almost every record label in North America.

      Gracenote is the company known for providing tracklists and album cover art for CDs when you play them using iTunes, Windows, Real Media and other computer media players. Soon you will have the option to download all of the CD’s lyrics as well.

       "Finally, a free, legal and definitive way to settle a bet with the guy sitting next to you at the bar who is certain the Ramones’ most famous anthem declares, ‘I wanna piece of bacon,’" Ian Rogers, general manager of Yahoo! Music, told Reuters. "We think we can build a really healthy business for lyrics and I think publishers stand to gain quite significantly from this new revenue stream. With the popularity of lyrics on the Internet, advertisers want to be there. This is definitely a selling point.”

      Song lyrics are one of the web’s most popular searches, but are dominated by unauthorized websites that have incomplete and inaccurate results. According to Reuters Gracenote Chief Executive Craig Palmer said licensing lyrics should boost worldwide music publishing revenues, estimated at about $4 billion annually, with the words to songs ultimately providing as much as $100 million in annual revenues in about 10 years.