Five Meaningful Minutes With Wyclef Jean

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By Will “Deshair” Foskey


      Power producer, Wyclef Jean is a busy man these days. But you can take a look back at his historical musical past for the proof of his present stature. Wyclef might not hit the airwaves with hit after hit on a consecutive basis like the Neptune’s and Timbaland’s of the production world. But when he hits, Wyclef dismantles Pop culture in a way that is only true to himself.

      From ‘Hips Don’t Lie’ with the vivaciously gifted Shakira, to ‘Maria, Maria’ with Santana, all the way back to the Fugee’s remake of ‘Killing Me Softly’, Wyclef is that dude in production. In this exclusive, Wyclef airs out his fresh scented laundry while giving us information on an album that we all can look forward to…


Wyclef Jean on the Fugees: Bringing the Fugee’s back is more than just going into the studio and recording a record. We did the BET thing, we came together for the Dave Chappelle Block party and we went into the studio to vibe. But all of that is not making it. We have to be more unified. For the Fugee’s, it’s not about just going into the studio and putting 13 to 14 songs on a CD. If the Fugee’s are going to come back, it has to be on some rap shit, and it has to be the right shit… so that’s where it stands.


Everybody wants a Fugee record, and I’m the first one in line who wants that, but it has to feel right. I’m moving forward right now, so I don’t want to place myself in a situation where I am going backwards. It’s just still in the air right now.


Wyclef on hearing comparisons angled from, towards him: When I was young, I remember people saying that I sounded like Bob Marley. As admirers of music, we are fans of each other. So if people come up to me and say that sounds like me, or dresses like me, I look at it as an honor. But I don’t get caught up in that. I do records with, Akon, Chamillionaire, and T.I. (who was in the studio at the time) because I’m a producer first. I compliment what is out there doing right now. I compliment anybody who is out there making money.


Wyclef addresses the rumors of a newly formed Fugee’s that would have featured Akon: Now that’s false. I’m 36 years old… I have Jets, cars and islands, man. I couldn’t even make a move like that. I mean, this isn’t Making of the Band. It’s either the Fugee’s or it’s not.


Wyclef on his near future: I’m working on the, “Carnival 2: Back from November.” I feel like I’m ready now. I am so excited about it. I got everybody on this album. I got T.I. on there. I got on there. I got Chamillionaire on there. I got that Part 2 to ‘911’ featuring Mary J. Blige called, “What About the Baby?” It’s naturally feeling like the sequel to the Carnival.