Floyd Mayweather Is The Newest Member Of G-Unit (LMAO)

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I rock with Floyd Mayweather he is the champ. He is not a member of G-Unit he’s to smart (and rich) for that. I think 50 offended everyone in the game and the only collaborations he can get are from non hip hop artists. I don’t think 50 knows he is going to be Yayo in this situation with Floyd.

Floyd is hilarious in this video, he out shines 5o the whole time. The two sat down with MTV to talk about a few things.  50’s Black Magic album that was inspired by dance music while touring overseas, and how Floyd and 50 are working on a album together for Floyd’s next fight.

From the time Floyd gets on the phone while 50 is talking, to him transitioning into dissing Lil Wayne, Floyd is running the show.  In my opinion, Floyd is doing 50 a favor. This collaboration only works in Floyd’s favor. I think this is 50’s last shot at getting hot musically. When you think about it who has 50 smashed since Ja-Rule? D Block is still D Block and pumping out that certified street heat.

The Game is still doing him. Rick Ross is bigger than ever. Fat Joe just had the monster single “HA HA” featuring Young Jeezy and had Diddy dancing on the hood of the Phantom driving through Harlem. Diddy is Diddy all I can say is CIROC take that take that. So with that said Lloyd Banks in my eyes is the new G-Unit general. Banks is the only one putting heat out.