Floyd Mayweather Jr. Thinks His Race Holds Him Back In America; Claims “You Can’t Knock My Talent”

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73969385MW008_De_La_Hoya_v__6_12_14_PM“Pretty Boy” Floyd Mayweather Jr. has come out strongly against underlying racism in American culture.  In a press conference on Tuesday, Mayweather, one of the most successful and frustrating boxers of all time, claimed that Americans don’t support Black athletes, and that he is shown much more love and respect by his fans in the U.K.  Below are some excerpts from his angry tirade.

“If you’re rich, you’re a rich n—–,” he said. “If you’re poor, you’re a poor n—-. If you’re smart, you’re a smart n—–. At the end of the day, they still look at me as a n—–.”

“This country needs to be more positive…We’re already at war. We’re in a recession, we’re at war and we continue to be negative. The fans in the UK showed me more love than in my own country. That’s crazy … Sometimes I’ll sit back, I’ll be in my theater sometimes, and I’ll think: ‘Imagine if I was the same fighter that I am, and I was the same person that I am, and I was from another country. Can you just imagine how big I’d be?’

“But I wouldn’t change my life for nothing in the world. There’s nothing like being young, black and rich. But there are certain things you think about. If Floyd Mayweather was white, I’d be the biggest athlete in America. The biggest, the biggest. I know that for a fact.”

“One thing you never hear. You never hear anything negative about Oscar De La Hoya…Anything he do negative, it gets swept under the rug.”

“Larry Merchant [of HBO] don’t know nothing about boxing…What’s that other guy’s name? [Emanuel Steward]. He’s an Uncle Tom”

Mayweather finished his statements by saying: “One thing you can’t knock. You can not knock my talent.”


  1. Here we go with the race BS, personally i don’t like him because he’s an arrogant ass who thinks hes bigger than boxing all together, also he has been caught cheating with knucks in his gloves, oh and challengeing a sport saying its nothing compared to boxing (MMA) how the hell would he know unless he tried it???Hope anderson silva kicks his ass when his contract expires with ufc lol

  2. yeah he is on some bullshit woth THIS one. If he wanted to be “big” than he would be out there fighting to jump on a commercial or clothing line like everyone else; get off that “..they still think I’m a n***”! shit when your a world famous boxer, wtf?. lol! Who would give a fuck what race you are when world Champion boxer? Crazy bastard, haha! I’d be shocked if anyone ever saw Mayweather and didn’t recognise him and say “Oh shit! It’s Floyd Mayweather!” haha.. Mayweather is just going through it cuz he’s a fighter and fighters aren’t too bright. Mayweather still a dope muthafucka though.

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