Fool Me Once…Shame On You. Fool Me Twice…Shame On Me. Bangladesh Gets Hustled By YMCMB Round 2

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Hahahaha!  Exactly why Birdman can cop 8 Million dollar cars.  You know how Birdman gets 100 million dollar checks.  Why share that with the people who create that revenue for you?  Business 101 with Birdman.  Someone needs to offer that class because I want to take it.  Can’t even be mad at Birdman.  Bangladesh should know by now that that’s how the Cash Money crew gets down.  According to MTV:

“I f— with Wayne, man; I had the opportunity to give him more music,” Bangladesh told MTV News this week. “It’s just hard to do. It’s just hard to keep working for free.”

In regards to “6 Foot, 7 Foot,” Bangladesh claims to have waived the upfront fee that he usually charges artists, just so he could have the opportunity to work with Tunechi again. “It’s not about the money, it’s not about me charging him for the beat, because he is Lil Wayne; he’s gonna sell albums,” the producer said. “You only really charge people that you think is not gonna really sell too much, so you want to get your money off top. You might not get it on the back-end because albums don’t sell no more.”

Instead of charging Cash Money for the track, Bangladesh said he struck a deal in which Wayne would do a feature on the beatsmith’s long-talked-about debut album. When asked why he hasn’t put out the album yet, Bangladesh answered, “It’s hard to do when I can’t get Wayne features.”

The producer isn’t sure whether the holdup on those features is Wayne himself or the label. “I don’t know if it’s the people around the situation or it’s the actual person,” he said. Cash Money had no comment on Bangladesh’s complaint.

What he does know is that he can’t continue to work with Cash Money until things get resolved. “Every time we come up with a solution, it never gets taken care of,” Bangladesh said. “I just can’t keep really giving them music.”