Founder Of LRG Mysteriously Dies

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pududsy1Jonas Bevacqua started L-R-G in 1999, alongside partner Robert Wright. By the mid-2000s,Entrepreneur Magazine named the company one of the Hot 500 list of fastest-growing companies by 2006 the sales figures were rated at 150 million. Today it was revealed on that Bevacqua was found dead. it was later confirmed by his partner Wright and producer Just Blaze.

“woke up at 8am to the worst news I’ve heard in my lifetime….my best man.”
(Robert Wright, twitter)

Blaze hit up Twitter and expressed anguish and confusion over the unexpected news.

“Jonas Bevacqua??????,” he tweeted May 31st.

“holy….wow. speechless.”

“dang. RIP old friend. gotta find my LRG chain n rock it today..”

“All the old school TMTD crew need to pull out these out the vault and rock em w respect. thanks Jonas !! RIP”

“thanks for everything homie. i wouldnt let u get in the booth when u were here, but you can rap to god all u want now. God Bless.” (Just Blaze’s Twitter)