Foxy Brown’s Confinement Due to Hearing Problems

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By: Rizoh

      A couple days ago we reported that Foxy Brown was thrown into solitary confinement for bad behavior at the Rikers Island facility where she’s been jailed since August. Fox Boogie’s management now claims that the Brooklyn diva’s latest problems stemmed from a misunderstanding with Rikers authorities. According to her manager Chaz Williams, who was interviewed by Billboard, Foxy’s defective hearing is to be blamed for her recent string of issues.


      Foxy was punished with confinement after reportedly refusing to take a drugs test and verbally abusing a prison officer, not to mention her alleged scuffle with another inmate. Williams claims that Foxy didn’t hear the request to take a drug test.  


      “Really she didn’t hear the request,” he said. “She has a battery-operated device and sometimes it dies out.”


      Foxy has been in solitary confinement for ten days, with 66 to go. The measure requires her to spend 23 hours a day in isolation in her cell, with 1 hour allocated for visits and other activities.


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