Foxy Brown: “I want commissary! I want potato chips!”

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By: Rizoh

      It’s hard out here for a jailbird. Some of Foxy Brown’s ex-inmates are dishing that jail has taken a toll on the pregnant hip-hop diva. Reading the Bible, eating Ramen noodles, and fretting over her weave have become some of ill na na’s pastimes in jail, according to ex-inmates. One of them told the New York Daily News that Foxy was once heard screaming: “I want commissary! I want potato chips!” down her hallway.


       Foxy Brown was thrown behind bars last Wednesday by Manhattan Criminal Court Judge for violating probation from a 2006 assault conviction. The violation stemmed from her recent arrest for allegedly assaulting a neighbor, in addition to a traffic citation for driving on a suspended license.


        The ill-tempered Foxy Brown has been forced to take her meals and recreation time in isolation for security reasons.


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