Foxy Brown Dealt a Black Hand, Ready to Deliver Black Roses

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By: Rizoh

      Brooklyn-bred femcee Foxy Brown has landed a new management deal with Black Hand Entertainment. Brown, one of the most controversial female rappers of the last decade, was excited about her new management home.

      “I needed to connect with a person who understood my struggle completely from where I came to where I traveled today. Chaz [Williams, Black Hand Ent. CEO] is an aggressive businessman who has overcome adversity and roadblocks his entire life, I need a person who can relate to real struggle and who has experience in moving beyond at the most difficult times.”

      Fox Boogie’s rap career came to a temporary halt when she lost most of her hearing in December 2005. She later underwent surgery to restore her hearing.   

      About Foxy’s comeback, Chaz Williams had this to say: “I think Foxy is an incredible talent and one of the fiercest female MC’s of all time. Her skills and work ethic are undeniable and she has a determination to succeed that I respect. Her focus is keen, and her music speaks for itself. With the return of her hearing, I think she will have the greatest comeback story since Mimi.”

      Foxy Brown is currently adding finishing touches to her fourth major LP, Black Roses, due out on Neveruary 13.