Foxy Brown Jumped by Pimp and His Girls

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By Quibian Salazar-Moreno

      It seems like Foxy just can’t stay away from drama. According to the New York Daily News Brown was in Brooklyn at 5:30am Saturday morning with her unknown boyfriend when she found out that he was a pimp. After returning from a party, she tried to break it off with him after finding out the information, but he called up three of his girls, who jumped Foxy on the spot.

      "They beat her bad,” a source told the Daily News. “They ripped out her hair weave. Her hair was a mess – and that seems to be what she cared about most."

      They also ripped out hear hearing aid and stole her handbag and $500. Foxy went to the police station and filed a complaint. She rolled through the neighborhood with police and pointed out one of the street walkers that jumped. Roshawn Anthony, 23, was arrested and charged with assault.


  1. once again im 1st and foxy is just a ghetto ass mess, a snitch, and now to add on: a victim of a streetwalker street foul…YOU NIGS NEED TO ADD MORE TO THE HONEY DIP SECTION I SWEAR!

  2. “They also ripped out hear hearing aid and stole her handbag and $500.”

    She snitched afta gettin washed up on the concret…Don’t She got cases?..why she runnin to the cops?

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