Foxy Denies Getting Jumped

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By: Rizoh

      Fox Boogie has done a 360 on the well-documented robbery report which allegedly left the rapper without some valuables. Foxy denied that she was robbed and stripped off her weave, credit cards and other valuable possessions, despite police reports confirming that she filed a robbery report on the incident.

      Chaz Williams of Black Hand Entertainment, Brown’s management company, told the New York Daily News that the BK femcee no longer has to cooperate with authorities, because she recovered her belongings. According to reports, sops have charged Roshawn Anthony, 23, with robbery. Still, Brown maintains that she was not attacked at all, telling the New York Post, “A lot of the time, people mistake me for someone else, or people always call in these false tips.”

      Even if Foxy scales through that spin hurdle, she still has to worry about her probation status. Brown reportedly skipped an appointment with probation officers a day before the alleged mugging incident. According to the New York Post, probation officers left an angry note outside her house yesterday afternoon, scolding her and threatening “serious consequences.”

      It’s been one step forward, two steps back for the troubled rapper. Earlier this month, her probation report was said to have been in good standing after she passed required drug tests and attended all court-instructed anger management classes.


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