Frank Ocean Sends Cease & Desist to Travis Scott Over “CAROUSEL” Vocals

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Say it ain’t so.

Travis Scott’s ASTROWORLD was the crown jewel on a summer engorged with impressive releases. Earning consecutive weekly number-one album spots, ASTROWORLD triumphantly answered fans’ wishes for a project that blended Travis’ multifaceted talents and aesthetics. Unfortunately, though, it’s not all glitter and rainbows for the Houston native.

Complete with a decorated tracklist, including Drake on the fan-favorite “SICKO MODE”, ASTROWORLD enlists eclectic features from both established and burgeoning acts alike; Scott even managed to secure a feature from the elusive and enigmatic Frank Ocean. However, it looks like this feature and song, “CAROUSEL”, might be fleeting, as, according to TMZ, Ocean and his team want the feature eradicated due to unapproved manipulations of his vocals.

While Travis refuses to remove the feature and track from his prized album, Ocean and his representatives have sent a cease and desist letter to the Scott camp. It’s unclear what the future holds for “CAROUSEL”, but if Ocean’s case holds any weight, then we should consume this track as much as possible before it goes the way of “Maria I’m Drunk”.

Listen to “CAROUSEL” below while you still can: