Full Time for Shaq and Wife , Snoop Hearts Amy

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Full Time for Shaq and wife

      Well can’t say I didn’t see this coming because word on the streets down in MIA is they literally been living single lives for a while now. Shaq and his wife are calling it quits. This isn’t the first time though is it? So maybe its a case of ‘let’s get some press and have everyone thinking we over, but get back together on a reality show.’ Yeah I had heard the couple were in talks for a reality show..showing how Shaq can juggle life both on and off the court. Anyhow turns out their crib on Star Island Miami Beaches exclusive area is going for a serious $32 million bucks.

Snoop Hearts Amy

      Classic line from my West Coast homie, Snoop in regards to Amy Winehouse.

"I want her to know that if she needs a place to chill for a bit, my hood is her hood."
Oh man can you imagine what fun would go down if those two hung out. Snoop says the drug addicted Winehouse has inspired him to go ahead and do a solo album void of features. Something he has never done. Always said talent recognizes talent.


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