Funny Video: Mos Def Speaks on Roger Clemens Steriod Scandal

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      Check out what the Mighty Mos Def has to say about Roger Clemens’ steroids scandal. LOL…..



  1. He hit it dead on!!! FUCK ROGER AND THEM ROIDS….FIX NEW ORLEANS!!! More people talking about this shit in the past few week than the war or New Orleans…two situations that will impact the US long after Roger is dead!

  2. dawg mos is right, no one should give 2 fucks. they put this and and that reality t.v. bullshit in front of you to keep you distracted like a hamster on a wheel n shit.

  3. I dont think they made that much of a big issue of it. I only seen something about it once and that was on sportscenter. They did ride vick extra hard though.

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