Future Previews Promising New Music

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The Freebandz captain has some new heat in the stash.

With as prolific of a career as Future has enjoyed, it’s damn near impossible for him not to be a frequent topic of conversation. Either he’s dropping new music, has a sound bite-turned-meme, or just his overall life serves as social media fodder. No matter what, Future is a perpetual focus. 

Throughout 2020, he’s aided these mounting headlines through his tenacious work ethic and superior product. Earlier this year, he came through with the acclaimed High Off LIfe album. Recently, he’s garnered excitement thanks to a rumored collaborative project with Lil Uzi Vert on the way. Now, a new snippet of an unreleased track has surfaced.

Captured by Our Generation Music, a video from Future’s Instagram story of him sitting beneath the luminescent stars of his Wraith shows the Freebandz president vibing to an unreleased, dark, melodic potential new single. Despite the abbreviated version, it’s enough of a sample to leave fans clamoring for its release.

It’s unsure if this will be a part of the aforementioned Lil Uzi collab tape, part of a solo album, or just one of the thousands of unreleased songs that Future has in the stash. What is certain is that it has all the seedlings of a fire single.

Check out the snippet below: