G. Dep Has Second Thoughts On The Whole Guilty Conscience Thing…

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So last winter G. Dep walked into a NYPD’s 25th Precinct and confessed to an unsolved murder that occurred in 1993.  While G. Dep claimed he could no longer deal with the guilt of his crime, now that the consequences of his actions are setting in he will plead Not Guilty to the crime.  Interesting.  I guess we will have to see how this pans out.  According to dnainfo:

Despite confessing, Coleman (G. Dep) will not be pleading guilty to murder because prosecutors do not plan to give him a break, Ricco said after a court hearing Thursday at which Coleman did not appear.

The DA’s office said it would only offer a plea to the top count, murder in the second degree, which carries a maximum prison term of 25 years to life.

“It is my understanding that the parties have not been able to reach an agreement,” Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Michael Obus said after a brief conference with Ricco and Assistant District Attorney David Drucker.

“The people are not willing to offer anything other than a plea to the [top count],” the judge added.

Prosecutors said it’s common that plea deals are not made in murder cases.

Ricco told reporters after the hearing that he “did not understand” why prosecutors would not cut a deal, adding that the case “would have remained ice cold,” had Coleman not turned himself in.

A trial date was set for Nov. 10.



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