From Rags…To Riches…To Rags

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104 – Night Nurse from ARTE New York Minute on Vimeo.

Hiking on fallen rappers is all the rage in today’s blogosphere. Then again it’s refreshing to hereCheck out this flick featuring G-Dep talking about his meteoric rise and fallout with Bad Boy. It’s an especially interesting tale since Dep, at his commercial peak, had some hits under his belt and seemed poised for a solid rap career. Then his debut didn’t pan out as planned and he was back at square one culminating in a year long bid at Rikers Island.

The mini documentary portrays G-Dep as a humbled rapper who’s down but not out. More importantly, he doesn’t appear to be sorry for himself and takes responsibility for his actions: something I wish more people would do in general.It’s widely held that Puffy left Dep out to dry when he became a hard sell. But no one told Dep to commit grand larceny or turn to drugs when times were hard. I’d say this is a good click through for heads that followed Dep and want to know what the hell happened to him after all these years. It’s a bit too “artsy” at times yet the use of Miles Davis’s Bitches Brew was a nice touch.

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