Ghostface Squashes His Beef With 50

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The beef between Ghostface Killah and 50 cent is officially a thing of the past (not that anyone remembered anyway.)  A couple years back when 50 dropped his controversial single “How To Rob”, he mentioned the Wu-Tang MC along with other artists. Ghostface of course hit him back on the Supreme Clientele album. He appeared as the deep throated Clyde Smith and stated:

“Yo that nigga 50 Cent, I don’t even know why he did that lil bum ass shit right there,” he said. “But I’ma tell you something. You can say all them other niggas names but niggas gonna see you based on that big daddy…If I see you up in here I’ma have about 500 wolves on you…like I said 50 you a bird and niggas gonna see you.”

Recently an interview with Tony Starks was featured on 50’s web site, In his interview with XXLMag. com, XXL asked Tony what changed his mind about his fellow NYC MC.  He replied with:

“That’s some old-school shit, back then, things were all snowballed in the air on some other shit. I didn’t like what he said, that’s where it all started from anyway. But we kicked it on the phone one time, and after we kicked it on the phone that was it.”

“I aint really trying to hold no grudge fucking 30 years later after he done said whatever the fuck he done said,” Starks continued. “So it was like whatever.”

“It’s whatever God wills,” he said. “At the end of the day we’re still people just trying to get ahead. It’s like you’re having a fight with a muthafucka 10 years ago… you can either keep the grudge or be like ‘yo wattup’ and just let it go and shit, it’s like what the fuck I’m holding on to it for. I respect all these niggas. As long as you respect me, I’ma respect you.”

Ghostface continues saying that one day he would even  be open to getting in the studio and recording a song with 50.